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December 1, 2022


Dear Friends and Family of SPS,

The year 2022 was another year of challenges and changes for all walks of life. The COVID pandemic began to subside while economic uncertainty and inflation started to increase. And as we experienced these new curves along our paths, we learned that it’s important for us to slow down and appreciate what we have right now in our lives.

Albert Camus once said, “Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.” Today if we look hard enough, we will find positive sprouts of hope everywhere we search. For example, after many years of the Federal Government’s efforts, a three digit number, 988, has replaced 1-800- SUICIDE.


Think of all the lives that will be saved by just dialing three numbers. Our call center continues to be a part of those efforts. We have seen an increase in calls of 11% since 988 went live on July 16. We were fortunate to have new volunteers step up to the phone to handle the ever-growing workload. The money for 988 comes to us through the State of IL, which also requires paid staff to handle the overnights and weekends. We have hired an additional 7 people to handle these time slots.

Throughout 2022, SPS was very active in our communities helping with crisis intervention, suicide awareness training and being at the ready in a moments notice. We hold contracts in 4 school districts, where we see students in crisis as well as give trainings. It is because of generous donors like you that together we can witness the positive impacts we are making in small and large ways. No one can ever forget the emotion you feel when you know that you have made a difference in some person’s life. With your help, we truly are changing the world by helping prevent suicide and providing assistance when tragedy strikes. The tears of pain are wiped away through your donations of support.

This Holiday season, I ask if it is possible to dig a little deeper in your pocket to support SPS. Your generous donations this year will be even more important than in past years. With your support, together, we can make 2023 a little brighter for those who have suffered from suicide’s darkness. SPS is truly blessed to have your support and will always be “Here for Life.”

In Survivorship,


Stephanie Weber, Executive Director

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