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What We Do.

We can counsel anyone at SPS. Counseling is offered by insurance or on a sliding scale.

We have contracts with several schools in Kane and Kendall County for outreach to the children as well as being available in crisis control/prevention.

Outreach in Schools

Our support groups meet monthly and are open to anyone who has experienced a loss by suicide.

Be a part of SPS as a Volunteer. 

We are available to talk to large groups, schools, churches, colleges, police and fire departments, and hospitals as requested.

We offer depression screening to the public. If you feel you are depressed or know someone who is, we can give you an honest evaluation and make recommendations for treatment

Depression Screening

During ASIST, the 2-day interactive session, participants learn to intervene and help prevent the immediate risk of suicide.

Prevention Training 

We answer calls 24 hours a day. 800-273-8255 or 988 or 630-482-9696. Should you need us in a crisis, simply call. 

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