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Hotline Training Volunteer

Help SPS Grow Our Hotline to Reach More Callers in Need!

Suicide Prevention Services is looking for Hotline Paraprofessional Volunteers and Interns

to assist callers on the hotline.

Volunteer Paraprofessional positions respond to local Depression Line and

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

What do I do to help as a Hotline Paraprofessional Volunteer or Intern?

Each Paraprofessional Volunteer commits to one regular 4-hour shift each week.

We require a minimum of a 240 hour commitment post-training. The 240 hours of service are typically completed with one year’s worth of five 4-hour shifts per month. It is required that each paraprofessional cover 1 regular 4 hour shift each week. Most paraprofessionals choose one regular weekly 4-hour shift, and provide coverage for additional shifts through their service to help fill gaps in service time for our callers.

Paraprofessional Volunteers and Interns respond to calls for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline as well as our local Depression line. Compassionately assisting, listening, and responding to callers who may be having thoughts of suicide, are experiencing a mental health crisis, or are in need of emotional support. Often connecting callers with resources.

Internships require a school contract or agreement, and a commitment of at least 310 hours over 2 semesters.

Suicide Prevention Services recognizes and encourages paraprofessional service hours beyond the required 240 hours. Service achievement awards and a "Volunteer of the Year" award are presented at our annual celebration, and volunteer appreciation events are typically held throughout the year.


How do I apply to become a Hotline Paraprofessional Volunteer or Intern?

​ To apply for this volunteer position completion of our application with interview questions, references, background check, and an interview are required. The decision to accept a candidate to our training program requires consideration of multiple factors.

If interested in applying please download the application on the page and send to:

Maureen Horan Coordinator of Volunteers

What is the training like?

Training includes:

  • Hotline Orientation.

  • Suicide Prevention Training.

  • Classroom style trainings on specific topics such as communication skills.

  • Domestic violence/sexual assault training.

  • Approximately 18 hours of at home home-learning

  • Eight 4-hour supervised training shifts directly on the hotline.

Training is an investment for individuals seeking entrance to, or enhancement of, a range of helping/business professions; or for individuals seeking a fulfilling volunteer endeavor.

Do I have to be a mental health professional to become a Hotline Paraprofessional Volunteer?

You do not need to be a mental health professional to be a paraprofessional volunteer.

Our paraprofessional volunteers range in age from 18 to 75.

Our Paraprofessional Volunteers come from all walks of life and occupational backgrounds.

Our Paraprofessional Volunteers are community members who are looking to help those in need who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide.

If you are interested in more information or have questions about our hotline training program, please contact: Maureen Horan, Coordinator of Volunteers, at or 630-482-9699 ext 227.

Become An SPS Hotline Volunteer

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