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Survivors of Suicide

Survivors of Suicide (SOS) is a support group open to anyone who has experienced the loss of a relative or a friend through suicide. We share the common trauma.


Survivors Of Suicide exists because surviving the death by suicide of a loved one, a family member, or a friend is different from a terminal illness, accidental causes, homicide, sudden illness, or natural causes.


Why is this so?


• We have deep feelings of abandonment, of guilt.


• We may have intense anger, and intense sadness.


• We may feel shame or embarrassment.


• We feel pain, we ache: we are grieving.


• We grieve not only for the person who died by suicide, we grieve for us, the survivors.


SOS can help you through your grief, your ache, your struggle to wholeness.


SOS: A Safe Place


Survivors need a safe place to explore their feelings of grief and anger, to raise questions and doubts.


Some survivors have attended an SOS meeting the day of the funeral. Others have come a few months after; some, a few years later. There is no timetable for grief.


• We will welcome you at any time. We are here when you are ready for us, and for as long as you need us.


• We will listen to you.


• We care about living, about loving.


• We care about you.

Survivors of Suicide Support Group

The Survivors of Suicide (SOS) Aurora support group meets the third Monday of every month from 7-9 pm. 

We meet at The Advent Christian Church: 

905 N. Edgelawn Drive, Aurora, IL. 60506

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