The Timeline Creation of SPS.

Meet Our Staff

Stephanie Weber

Executive Director

MS, LCPC, Suicidologist

Specializes in working with survivors of loss and survivors of attempts, and general grief.

630-482-9699 Extension: 222

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Megghun Redmon

Coordinator of Services


Specializes in working with adolescents and children, special interest in play therapy and individuals with self-injury tendencies.

630-482-9699 ext. 221

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Kari Evans

Prevention Specialist/Grants


Specializes in grief work and depression.


630-482-9699 Extension: 230

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Stephanie Follis Dewinski

Coordinator of Volunteers


Works with adolescents and children with a special interest in anxiety.


630-482-9699 Extension: 227

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Josefina Chavez

SPS Administrator

Suicide Prevention Service of America


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