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Thank You for considering a donation


528 S. Batavia Ave.

Batavia, IL. 60510


Suicide Prevention Wish List: 


1. Stamps

2. Toilet Paper

3. Paper towels

4. Kleenex

5. Copy Paper (reams or cartons 8 ½ by 11)

6. Avery labels 5160

7. Avery cards 5876

9. Pop / Soda / Carbonated Water (12-packs: Sprite, Coke, Pepsi, Ginger Ale, La Croix, etc.)

10. Bottled waters

11. K-Cups (tea, coffee)

12. Post Its (all sizes, colors, with lines)

13. Legal Pads of Paper

14. File folders (manila)

15. Cards (Birthday, get well, thinking of you)

16. Salt (Potassium Chloride) for driveways

17. Paper Cutter

18. Paper/Plastic cups

19. Sanitizer wipes

20. Light bulbs (Energy Efficient)

22. Garbage bags (kitchen, waste basket liner)

23. Storage boxes, storage plastic bins

24. Organic cleaning supplies

25. Gift cards (Target, Walmart, Sams, Costco, Visa, Office Max)

26. AA batteries

27. LED flashlights

28. Highlighters

29. Dry Erase Markers (multi-color) 

Kitty Wish List

1. Treats and toys

2. Kitty litter

3. Dry cat food

4. Pet store gift cards

5. Veterinarian fund gift cards from Animal House

SPS was founded on May 29, 1998. 
We are a 501 (3) (c) non-profit. 


We operate solely on donations and grants. Our mission is to open minds, save lives and restore hope through prevention, intervention and postvention, using education, advocacy and collaboration.

Where does the money go when you donate? 


$.86 of every dollar donated goes to program services: Counseling, depression screening. the phone hotline, community outreach for training prevention, outreach in community schools, and two support groups that meet monthly. 


Our mission is to save lives.  Please help as you can, and remember, every dollar really does count for SPS and what we can do. Thank you in advance for your help in donating and spreading the word about SPS.

A mere TEN DOLLARS will pay for an hour of time during the very late/early hours, for a trained person to answer crisis line calls from our Batavia hotline room. 


Our crisis hotline operates 24/7, and we took 40% of the calls that came in to the national suicide hotline from Illinois last year. 


Our phone lines are answered by VOLUNTEERS for 16 hours a day, with the only people getting paid being those who are willing to work overnight on the line while they are saving lives. 


11,000 calls were answered on average PER MONTH in 2017. Perhaps your ten dollars will make the difference for someone---and for that person's family.


Perhaps you can afford twenty dollars, if you have a good reason?  We can give the first hour of counseling to "walk-ins" who come to Stone Manor in need of counseling or in crisis.  Our staff who are licensed to provide clinical counseling can provide this for about $20. 

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