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Care & Support

Caring people are here for you, here to help, and… Here for Life!


Depression Screening

Because untreated depression is a major contributor to suicide, SPS offers depression screening year round to anyone concerned or in need. Children from age 6 and above can be screened. This has often been the first step in the process. Many of our clients have related to us how being able to walk through the door, have the screening done, and get help was the first step in a successful journey out of depression.


Depression Hotline

Our passionate and caring paraprofessionals staffing the Depression Hotline (630.482.9696) are trained to counsel callers with personal problems, such as anxiety, alcohol, family, school, and sexuality, and are prepared to work with the lonely, the depressed, and the suicidal.


Information and Referrals

Our operators provide information about the availability of social services of a health or mental health nature in Kane County, Illinois and through the National Crisis Help Line (1-800-SUICIDE or 988).

Emergency Services 

Operators are trained to help people through emergencies such as attempted suicide, drug overdose, and psychotic episodes.

We have counselors to work with you and help. 


SPS Care Calls

Volunteer operators call or visit shut-ins daily or on specific pre-arranged days to check on their well-being. Buddy Calls are provided free of charge on either a temporary or long-term basis.


Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

ASIST is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s

(1-800-273-TALK or 988) standard for suicide intervention training, developed by Livingworks.


We Can Help

Contact us to get help and to learn more about Suicide Prevention Services of America care and counseling programs and services.

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