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Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is a form of CPR for suicidal individuals.


ASIST is open to anyone interested in learning about suicide prevention and is conducted in advance of hotline training.


Developed by LivingWorks, the two-day workshop will help you become a more ready, willing, and able caregiver.
Click here for more information on ASIST. 


A groundbreaking study has shown that LivingWorks’

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)

program helps caregivers provide effective help to

persons at risk in immediate suicide first-aid situations.


Research conducted by leading suicide researchers at Columbia and Rochester Universities, the Impact of ASIST on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline study evaluated over 1,500 calls made to the Lifeline and showed that callers working with ASIST-trained counselors were significantly less depressed and suicidal—and significantly more hopeful about living. Please click here to review.​


ASIST TRAINER, Natasha Clark

Natasha Clark is a licensed professional counselor and is also the director of education and training at Suicide Prevention Services. She has an MS Ed. degree in mental health counseling from Northern Illinois University and has a deep commitment to helping marginalized populations. She has worked at NIU’s Career Services and Waubonsee Community College, and has interned at Kaneland High School. Natasha counts her work with clients and volunteer trainees at Suicide Prevention Services as the most profound learning experience in her helping career. She is a mom of two children. Regular trips to visit family in rural Canada help her stay balanced and appreciative. 

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